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Scammell & Co wins near record payout in SA for Motor Accident victim
Scammell & Co has a team of people with extensive experience in Injury Claims.
Their skills resulted in the win of a near record payout for S.A for a motor accidient victim

Scammell & Co has qualified people for:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident claims.
  • Injury claims.
  • Public Liability and Injury claims.
  • Family Law and Parenting Matters (includes divorce and separation matters).
  • Commercial and Company Law.
  • Compulsory Acquisitions of Property, Assets and Businesses.
  • General Legal Action / Financial Loss Claims.
  • Civil Litigation.
  • Liquor Licensing.
  • Property Transfer and Conveyancing - Domestic and General.
  • Wills and Deceased Estates.
  • Contested Wills.
  • Power of Attorney and Enduring Power of Attorney.
  • Police and Criminal Matters.

Our record of success with Injury Claims is summarised in the explanation above (see item inside black rectangle) which covers one of many of Scammell & Co's successful Injury Claim cases.

If you have been injured and think you might have the basis of an Injury Claim then contact Scammell & Co. You can do so easily and on a no cost basis by completing the form above right and emailing it to Scammell & Co.

One of our qualified Injury Claim people will assess the matter and provide you with guidance and explain how to proceed.

Remember Scammell & Co have achieved near 100% success with Injury Claim matters.

Be sure, be safe, be certain. Contact Scammell & Co for a free assessment of your potential Injury Claim.

Free Assessment of your case

We have an outstanding record of winning claims for clients. If you think you have a claim, contact Scammell & Co to discuss your claim. The first half hour of your first meeting is FREE. It could cost you nothing to find out if you have the basis of a claim... or the result you could achieve.

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We have been guiding clients
in the right direction since 1887 and have been providing services to our clients for a longer period than nearly all other legal firms in Adelaide.

Our Service Policy explains our commitment to delivering satisfaction and exceeding expectations in client service.
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