Last updated 25 March, 2020

In response to the ongoing and evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus) threat, Scammell & Co. is committed to providing minimal disruption to our all-important legal services for South Australian individuals and businesses. In these uncertain times the health and well-being of Scammell & Co. staff, clients and community is of paramount importance. We are closely following World Health Organisation guidelines and all Government directives and we will continue to respond to their recommendations in relation to minimising the risks of spreading COVID-19.

Scammell & Co. have implemented the following initiatives and business continuity plan:

Personal and collective hygiene

All offices have implemented regular cleaning and sanitising routines of all office areas and surfaces.

All employees have committed to undertake sensible precautions including regular hand washing/sanitising and engage social-distancing protocols such as the avoidance of hand shaking and maintaining a practical distance from others wherever possible.

In the event an employee is feeling unwell they are instructed to self-isolate and seek medical attention.

Appointments and other day-to-day business activities

All visitors attending our offices must observe personal hygiene and social distancing protocols.

Any individual who has an appointment to attend one of our offices and is feeling unwell, is required to postpone their appointment by calling or emailing our office as soon as possible. For the wellbeing of our employees and other visitors please do not attend our offices in person.

Self-isolation requirement for travellers entering South Australia

From Tuesday 24 March the State Government has taken unprecedented action in response to the coronavirus pandemic requiring all people entering South Australia (either from overseas or interstate) to isolate for 14-days from their arrival. Unfortunately, anyone subject to this directive cannot access our offices during this 14-day quarantine period.

Furthermore, any individual who has an appointment to attend one of our offices and has been in personal contact with someone who has recently returned from overseas or interstate, please notify us by contacting our offices BEFORE your appointment.

At our discretion, and subject to Government guidelines, we may provide out-of-office appointments. These will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Our employees are encouraged to cancel, reduce or postpone non-essential, face-to-face interactions of a professional development or operational nature, and utilise alternative means of participtation and communication via telephone, email or video conferencing (where available and if practical to do so).

Key employees (including solicitors) may, at the discretion of management, adopt remote work practices (if deemed necessary). This may affect how they service clients. Appointments may be conducted over the phone, via email or via video conferencing using apps such as Facetime, Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype. Please check with your solicitor for further clarification.

Restricted access to aged care facilities

The government has applied restrictions on visitors to aged care facilities. This includes:

  • making sure visits are kept short
  • Allowing no more than two visitors, including doctors, at a time
  • Ensuring visits occur in a resident’s room, outdoors, or in a specific area designated within the facility (NOT a communal area)

If an aged care resident requires the services of a solicitor please contact us and we will communicate directly with the facility to ensure all guidelines are followed.

Conveyancing Services

In response to the Federal Government’s upgraded restrictions on indoor gatherings (one person per four square meters), attending the Land Services SA settlements room has become problematic. Reassuringly, Scammell & Co circumvents this issue because it is 100% electronic lodgement enabled via PEXA. As long as the conveyancing services for both the property buyers and sellers are PEXA enabled, those whom have entrusted their settlements with us can rest-assured there will be no adverse impacts with lodgements.

Court and mediation proceedings

Courts Administration Authority SA has released up-to-date information on COVOID-19 (Coronavirus) impacts to court proceedings throughout South Australia. Statements can be found here:   http://www.courts.sa.gov.au/Information/Pages/General-News.aspx  Please contact your solicitor for up-to-date information in relation to your matter.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and keep you updated on any changes to our service delivery in response to COVID-19.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding at this difficult time.

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