Child custody arrangements with my former partner are complicated this year because school holidays overlap Easter. Can the father’s time override my Easter time with our son?

Unusually, Easter this year (19 to 22 April) falls during the first week of the school holidays (13 to 20 April).  To avoid an even bigger dispute in the lead up to Easter, it is best to clarify arrangements now.

If there is a Court Order in place, much will depend on the interpretation of that Order. You should obtain legal advice in this regard.  Generally speaking,
special occasions like Easter and Christmas usually have priority, but the exact wording of the Order plays a large role in whether that applies to you.

If there is no Order in place, and you and the Father cannot reach an agreement, there are several options available to you. Such include solicitor-inclusive negotiations and mediation.  What arrangements occurred in previous years will also play a role.  There is no legal standard on whether your son’s time with you on Easter alternates each year, or is shared equally each year.

We recommend that you speak with one of our experienced Family Lawyers to discuss your options.  It could save you from avoidable Court proceedings.

Natalie Lloyd
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