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Commercial Litigation – Adelaide

Get expert legal advice in commercial litigation and dispute resolution

Commercial litigation is an area of law that deals with business related disputes and conflicts.

The main objective of commercial litigation lawyers is to try and resolve disputes and conflicts before they reach court. As such Scammell & Co.’s commercial litigation team act as a mediator to resolve disputes through negotiation to try and achieve outcomes that are satisfactory and beneficial to all parties involved without the need to commence legal proceedings.

Matters that fall under the area of commercial litigation include:

  • Debt recovery
  • Contractual and commercial disputes
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy
  • Business dissolutions
  • Employment disputes
  • Partnership and shareholder issues
  • Trade practices
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Compliance
  • Commercial insurance claims
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • Business sales disputes (including vendor finance)

In many instances commercial litigation can be avoided by engaging the services of a Scammell & Co. commercial lawyer to draft business documents that are written in plain English and state the commercial objectives in a manner that is clear and easily comprehended by all parties. Commercial litigation can include arbitration and mediation, court appearances and class/representative action.

Scammell & Co. can assist sole traders, partnerships, companies and trust structures in commercial litigation matters. Contact our Commercial Litigation Barristers and Solicitors for practical commercial law advice in relation to all types of commercial litigation and all stages of court proceedings from mediation through to representation at court hearings.

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