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Liquor Licensing – Adelaide

The buying and selling of alcohol, and the opening and closing of licensed premises in Adelaide is fraught with problems for both the tenant and landlord.

Our solicitors have extensive knowledge of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 and have many years’ experience in this field. Scammell & Co can help with obtaining and transferring licenses for hotels, clubs, restaurants, entertainment venues, wineries and other licensed premises throughout Adelaide & South Australia.

It is important to recognise that the management and conduct of licenced premises is receiving greatly increased attention from licensing authorities and the police. Therefore, strict adherence with the law is now being much more actively enforced than in the past.

So be sure to get the right advice for your business or event.

Our professional and experienced Liquor Licensing team is ready to assist you…

Graeme Hollidge

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Who is entitled to apply for a Liquor Licence?

In order to qualify to obtain a Liquor Licence you need to have a substantially clean slate with the Police. The Police are entitled to object to the granting of the Licence.

Additionally, the Police may object if the actual premises have a bad history with other operators.

You will need to satisfy the Court that you have adequate financial resources and preferably adequate business experience to undertake the conduct of the Licence.

Who can share in the profits?

Only the Licence holders are entitled to receive profits from licensed premises. If the Licence Holder is a Company then the shareholders must be approved by the Liquor Licensing Commission.