Compulsory Acquisition of Property Assets and Businesses

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What do I do if I am faced with a claim for compulsory acquisition of my property?

Firstly, you should seek the advice of one of our solicitors. It may be that you are entitled to resist the acquisition and can block the acquisition.

Secondly, if you cannot prevent the acquisition, we can assist you in ensuring you obtain the maximum compensation for your loss.

What kinds of claims can I make?

You can make claims for many types of loss and damage including the following:

•  The value of the property acquired.

•  The value of any plant and equipment acquired.

•  The damage and loss to any business which may be conducted on the acquired property.

•  Loss of past and future profits from the use of the acquired property and the business.

•  Loss of enjoyment of the property.

•  Cost of relocating.

•  Replacement costs.

•  Your legal costs.

•  Any other reasonably related cost or loss.

How do I make a claim?

Consult Scammell & Co. who will assemble evidence to prove the maximum value of your claim. This may include obtaining expert’s reports such as those of specialist valuers and accountants. Your experts need to be specialists in preparing valuation and accounting evidence – to give your claim credibility. It is essential that the process of preparing such evidence is carefully managed.

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