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I have been injured in an accident. What are circumstances that would enable me to make a claim?

If you have been injured in an accident (whether in a motor vehicle accident, on someone’s property or some company’s property, on public land, or as a result of an assault, you may well have a claim for compensation.

It is suggested that you arrange a meeting with one of our lawyers to discuss your particular circumstances. Remember, in these matters, the first 30 minutes of the first appointment is free. So, at no cost to you we could, most likely, tell you if you have a case for a claim.

How long it takes to process and finalise the claim will depend on how long it takes you to fully recover. This is because your future medical expenses and any incapacity (temporary or permanent) forms part of your claim.

Once your claim is settled / paid, it is finished once and for all. It is therefore important that the claim is not finalised until we are fully informed as to any future problems you may have which relate to the injury.

As to entitlement, we take in account your pain and suffering, wages you may have lost (from not being able to go to work), your medical expenses both past and future, interest, compensation for loss of future earning capacity (if your ability to work is reduced) and costs.

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