Public Liability and Injury claims

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I have sustained an injury. Do I have a claim for compensation?

If you are injured as a result of a slip and fall, or some other similar accident that was not your fault, you may well have a claim. It is important that you find the person, company, or business responsible for your injury. We can conduct searches and investigate who was at fault for your injuries. You can then claim compensation from them.

How is it decided whether I get compensation for my injuries?

You will only have a claim if the injuries and losses resulted from the negligence of another person, or company. We can provide you with advice about what is required to prove negligence.

Once we have established ‘fault’ (known as liability), we will then advise you how to prove the extent of your injuries and loss.

This is commonly referred to as the quantum (amount) of your claim.

What am I entitled to be compensated for?

The law divides the compensation you can receive into many different categories including:

•  The pain and suffering you have endured.

•  Any residual disability or scarring you may have from your injuries.

•  Time off work or loss of work opportunities.

•  The cost of medical treatment you have received and will need to continue to receive.

•  The market value of the help that your spouse, parents or children have given you due to you injuries.

•  The effect of your injuries on your ability to earn an income.

Some categories have the potential to attract large sums of compensation while for others, including pain and suffering, the law has effectively capped the amount of compensation that can be paid.

The law in this area is complicated and it is therefore very important that you engage a solicitor to maximise your claim.

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