While the Family Court’s ‘DIY Kit’ provides information and guidance about making an Application for Consent Orders, we highly recommend that you obtain legal advice and assistance before attempting to draft the Court documents yourself.

In addition to the application form, you must submit Consent Minutes of Order detailing the terms of your financial/ parenting agreement with your former partner. Even if you both agree on the wording, if the Minutes are not drafted properly or if you fail to provide sufficient information to the Court, you will receive a requisition letter advising that your application was unsuccessful.  Your former partner might then perceive your agreement as unfair and seek changes.

Poorly drafted Minutes could also result in future problems. For example, if your former partner refused to pay your settlement sum or in the agreed time, you could be left without non-litigious options to get your money. Or, what are reasonable terms for interstate and overseas travel with the children?

Our experienced Family Law solicitors have the knowledge and experience to foresee and avoid such difficulties. By tailoring your Minutes (and application form) to your individual circumstances, we can best ensure that you obtain orders in the terms agreed.

Natalie Lloyd
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