Driver distraction is a major contributor to deaths and serious injury on SA roads. In an Australian Road Safety Foundation survey, a whopping 79 per cent of Australian motorists admitted to general risky behaviour. SA police figures show that between 2015 and 2019 43 per cent of fatalities and 48 per cent of serious injuries were attributed to distraction. So far, 24 lives have been lost on SA roads in 2020 (08 Aug) due to driver distraction.

Some of the traffic offences which can result from driver distraction include:

  • Proceeding through a red traffic light;
  • Using your mobile phone whilst driving;
  • Failing to give way;
  • Failing to wear a seat belt;
  • Driving without due care; and
  • Failure to drive within white lines/lanes.

Despite the obvious dangers, a third of SA drivers surveyed admitted to regularly using their mobile phones in the illegal hand-held mode. SA drivers caught using a mobile phone while their vehicle is
either moving or stationary in traffic (for example, waiting at traffic lights) will be issued with a $544 fine, as well as a loss of 3 demerit points.

Drivers in receipt of a traffic infringement notice may wish to challenge their fine. Your options are either to defend the matter if your lawyer can identify a defence, or you can apply for a reduction of the demerit points if your offending was trifling in nature, or other proper cause exists relating to your driving behaviour.

Either way, it is important not to pay the fine, for even if you are guilty, once your fine is paid you will automatically lose the demerit points that we could otherwise have reduced to avoid a Notice of Disqualification issued by the Department of Transport and Infrastructure.

At your earliest opportunity, contact a Scammell & Co. traffic offence lawyer to discuss your options.

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