Couples today are increasingly utilising mediation over going to court, as a means to sort out disagreements about the care arrangements of children and the division of assets.

Whilst mediation is nothing new Gabrielle Canny of Adelaide’s InDaily claims a record 83% of couples are now achieving a settlement through an SA family mediation service.

Sam Ngai, a senior Family Lawyer at Scammell & Co. believes that mediation provides a great opportunity for people to start communicating again and resolve matters amicably. This is true especially where young children are involved and parents need to be able to communicate with one another on at least a basic level until their children become adults.

However, Sam Ngai cautions that mediation should only play one part in the negotiating process. Sam claims that “to start scoring goals, you need to first know where the goal posts are. An experienced Family Lawyer can advise what the settlement range and options that people should aim for, heading into mediation.”

Sam also points out that “after an agreement is reached at mediation, the next important step is to finalise that through a legally enforceable agreement. Family Lawyers can again assist with that. Don’t let your hard-fought goals get wiped from the scoreboard by failing to complete that final step.”

To read the original InDaily article quoted above please follow the link: https://indaily.com.au/opinion/2019/05/29/separate-room-approach-helping-separating-couples/

For a confidential discussion about your unique circumstances please contact Sam Ngai, Senior Family Lawyer at Scammell & Co. on (08) 8447 4466 or sngai@scammell.com.au

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