Wanting to make an injury compensation claim? Scammell & Co offers “No Win – No Fee” arrangements. Here’s how it works.

by | Jun 7, 2021

No Win – No Fee arrangements are offered by lawyers as a legitimate and commonplace means for clients to access justice, particularly in cases where the insurer’s immediate response is to reject the claim.  No Win – No Fee arrangements are most common in litigation matters, especially personal injury claims. Such claims might result from a slip, trip and fall incident or a motor vehicle accident. No Win – No Fee is especially helpful for people who cannot afford to pay legal fees – a barrier which may otherwise prevent an injured person from pursuing a claim and receiving their entitlements.

In legal terms, No Win – No Fee arrangements essentially involve conditional-costs agreements. This means payment is dependent on a successful outcome. So, if a client’s claim is unsuccessful, then your lawyer’s professional fees are waived.

A successful outcome is broadly defined as one that includes a court judgment or a settlement between parties or other agreement that results in a resolution. An experienced solicitor will be able to guide you as the matter proceeds and to be alert to the fact that any claim needs to be cost effective. In addition, careful advice needs to be given as to how far a matter should proceed as a No Win – No Fee arrangement does not protect a claimant from the costs that might be sought by the other side.

If a successful outcome is achieved, often a contribution towards legal costs and disbursements will be paid by the insurer. The level of contribution will be determined by the amount of compensation
received – often, if successful, a settlement sum will include an amount for the compensation, legal costs and disbursements so that a calculation can be made as to what amount the claimant will clear.

A Scammell & Co injury lawyer is highly experienced in the areas of Public Liability, Personal Injury and Motor Vehicle Accident compensation claims. We offer No Win – No Fee arrangements and will always be upfront about your chances of success and our fees and other costs. We offer a free, no-obligation initial appointment to go over your circumstances and outline a pathway and timeline for your claim. Contact us today.

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