Service Policy

Scammell & Co. aims to provide our clients with the best possible legal service. This includes keeping you fully informed about your matter.

This policy sets out information about dealing with our firm and what you can expect from us. Please feel free to discuss your expectations, at any time during the handling of your matter.

Our Firm

Your matter will be managed by a Partner, solicitor or suitably experienced para-legal from Scammell & Co.

Our Partners have the overall responsibility for all matters.

Office Hours

Our offices are open from 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Our Communications Policy

We aim to keep you as fully informed as possible while your matter is being handled by us.

At the beginning of a matter involving court proceedings, after the first interview we will confirm to you in writing:

  • Exactly what you ask us to achieve for you (usually described as your instructions to us).
  • Our estimate of the likely course of the matter, including the likely steps and the appropriate time the matter will take.
  • What action we will be taking on your behalf, and which professionals (barristers, doctors, valuers etc.) we may need to employ or consult on your behalf and at your expense.
  • Any further information we need from you, or any action we need you to take. In some matters you may need to do some background work.
  • The method of calculating your account, information on when we will send you an account and when we expect that you will pay us.
  • Where possible an estimate of our costs and any potential additional costs such as barrister’s fees and government charges.

During your matter we will send you copies of any correspondence and documents we send or receive and inform you of:

  • Progress of your matter.
  • Any delays and explain the reason.
  • The effect of any important documents.
  • Any change to our estimate of costs, the time to be taken and any action to be taken.
  • Any change to legal staff affecting your matter.

At the end of the matter we will:

  • Write to you confirming the matter has finished.
  • Explain anything further you need to do, or which you can expect to happen.
  • Prepare and send you our final bill of costs as soon as we can.
  • Give you a statement of all money received from you or on your behalf and which we have paid out to your or to third parties on your behalf.
  • If you ask, return to you any papers and property to which you are entitled. We may keep these until our costs have been paid.

Engagement Agreement

At the beginning of your matter we will provide you with an engagement agreement to sign which will set out the terms on which we act for you including our fees.

Being organised saves time and money

Fundamentally, we charge for time. You should try to be prepared when you see us. Have your documents ready and organised. Remember when you save our time, you save your money. We look forward to working with you to achieve a successful outcome in your matter.