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Frequently asked legal questions with answers.

At Scammell & Co. we are all about providing accessible legal advice that cuts through the jargon and provides the answers you are looking for. Below is a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and answers – grouped together according to the area of law in which they belong.

Simply click on the area of law (below) relevant to your needs, to find answers to the most common questions we get asked. There are also Q&As to a multitude of common scenarios which may provide clarity with your own situation. Remember, most legal scenarios are unique, therefore we highly recommend that you discuss your matter with one of our experienced lawyers to ensure the best possible outcome.

For some areas of law or in certain circumstances, the first half hour of your first appointment is free. Please contact us for clarification in relation to your matter.

To provide you with the best possible service, and deal with your matter in a timely and efficient manner, please bring as many relevant documents to your first appointment as possible.

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