Family Law
May 16, 2019

Warning on negative consequences to court funding

Chief Justice Chris Kourakis has recently commented on the negative impacts potential funding cuts would have on the Youth Court SA. Scammell & Co. Barrister and Senior Solicitor, Ursula Matson,...

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Commercial Law
April 9, 2019

Ask the Lawyer – I am setting up a new business. Do I need a lawyer to advise on my commercial lease?

As a business owner and tenant, a commercial lease will be one of your business’ most important contracts. It imposes legal and financial obligations on you over a period of...

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Family Law
March 22, 2019

Ask the Lawyer – How do I register to receive maintenance from my spouse?

There are two main types of maintenance; child maintenance (also known as “child support”), and spousal or de facto partner maintenance (ie. “alimony”). You can apply for child support online...

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Family Law
March 15, 2019

Ask the Lawyer – Child custody arrangements over Easter

Child custody arrangements with my former partner are complicated this year because school holidays overlap Easter. Can the father’s time override my Easter time with our son? Unusually, Easter this...

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Wills & Estate Planning
March 8, 2019

Response to proposed changes to the Public Trustee SA Wills service

MEDIA RELEASE: 27 February 2019 Changes to the Public Trustee SA Wills service ultimately benefits grieving families.   Last Friday Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Vickie Chapman announced that as of...

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Motor Vehicle Accident Claims
February 15, 2019

Ask the Lawyer – I have been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Now what?

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, your first legal obligation is to stop at the scene. This is necessary from both a compulsory third party insurance, and...

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Criminal Law
January 23, 2019

Ask the Lawyer – The benefits of engaging a lawyer in criminal matters

I have been told that I can represent myself in my criminal matter. So why do I need a lawyer?   There is an old adage “A person that represent...

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Wills & Estate Planning
December 13, 2018

Ask the Lawyer – Beware the token Will provision for family members

I have heard that leaving my son a dollar in my Will prevents him from contesting my estate. Is this true? (more…)

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Family Law
November 22, 2018

Ask the Lawyer – Intimate image sharing. What are my rights?

My ex-husband is threatening to post intimate photos of me online unless I allow him to spend more time with our daughter. What should I do? (more…)

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Traffic Offences
November 9, 2018

Ask the Lawyer – Wrongly accused of speeding?

Do I need to prove that I wasn't speeding if I am wrongly accused of exceeding the speed limit? (more…)

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